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About Sebnem Gencer


Istanbul born international selling artist currently based in Australia. Originally from Turkey she now lives and works exclusively from her Coogee based studio in Sydney. 


Sebnem graduated from the Art Department of the Art and Design Faculty of Dogus University. She then went on to work with one of Istanbul’s most prestige galleries for several years before relocating to Australia.

Widespread sales throughout Turkey, USA, Europe and Australia her work appeals to the corporate and domestic markets. Her paintings are vibrantly colourful and highly textured which attracts, collectors, home decorators and designers.


Artist Statement


I find incredible comfort in my connotation of the world landscape. I am interested in the environment and the way we view and experience it. Starting from the stunning views of cities as the new is built up around the old and by the way nature weaves through our urban and rural landscapes.

Devoid of human presence my paintings enable the viewer to become the missing person within the work and experience the artwork through the complexities of the bold colours and textured patterns as you move through the landscape. 

The application of vibrant colours brings a structure like quality to my work that embodies my love of nature and the environment.


Each of them successfully synthesizes both the concept and the colour to create clear and clean work that instils pop culture and fashion elements.